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✨ Fairy souls: 222/228



Jaded Helmet Of DivanJaded Chestplate Of DivanJaded Leggings Of DivanJaded Boots Of Divan


Demonic Titanium RelicDemonic Artifact of Power
Demonic Spiked AtrocityDemonic Melody's Hair
Demonic Wither Relic
Heroic Hyperion βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺHeroic Aspect of the VoidRefined Pioneer PickaxeAuspicious Titanium Drill DR-X655Royal PigeonSkyBlock Menu (Right Click)
Red Stained Glass❀ Fine Ruby GemstoneβΈ• Fine Amber Gemstone✧ Fine Topaz Gemstone☘ Fine Jade Gemstone✎ Fine Sapphire Gemstone❈ Fine Amethyst Gemstone❁ Fine Jasper GemstonePig Mask
Red Stained GlassRabbit AxeSheep AxeMushroom Cow AxeChicken AxeLead9Enchanted DiamondEnchanted CoalEnchanted Iron
Red Stained GlassEnchanted Hay BaleHay BaleEnchanted SeedsEnchanted BoneEnchanted LeatherEnchanted Ender PearlFishing RodEnchanted Redstone
Red Stained GlassEnchanted Lily PadEnchanted Raw FishSnow BlockIsland NPCDecent CoffeeEnchanted TitaniumNurse Shark ToothBlue Shark Tooth
Red Stained GlassFairy's FedoraFairy's PoloSharp Rock3Lucky HoofSquid HatTiger Shark ToothEnchanted Ancient Claw
Artisanal ShortbowOrange Stained GlassGreat Spook StaffHeroic Frozen Scythe βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺHoe of Greater TillingWand of AtonementFish HatToil TreecapitatorWithered Daedalus Axe
Unreal Explosive BowOrange Stained GlassWither Cloak SwordHeroic Conjuring βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺPlasmaflux Power OrbHeroic Ice Spray Wand βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺDungeon OrbBulky Fel Sword βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺHeroic Florid Zombie Sword
Headstrong Runaan's Bow βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺOrange Stained GlassFrosty the Snow BlasterJerry's Thick Aspect of the JerryHeroic Jerry-chine Gun βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺSpirit Leap13Heroic Spirit Sceptre βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺAdaptive BladeSpirit Sword
Unreal Spirit Bow βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺOrange Stained GlassGolden PickaxeGolden PickaxeEven More Refined Titanium PickaxeIce RodFabled Phantom RodWinter Rod
Orange Stained GlassSuperboom TNT8Dungeon Chest Key10Heroic Ink WandTreacherous ShredderTreacherous Auger RodSalty Yeti RodTreacherous Rod of the Sea
Yellow Stained GlassStorm's HelmetFierce Goldor's Helmet βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺEgg Hunt6Spirit BootsHappy MaskMaddox Batphone
Yellow Stained GlassMetal DetectorBlessed Euclid's Wheat HoeAncestral SpadeMining Pumpkin4Titanic Experience Bottle2Staff of the Rising Sun
Jungle PickaxeJungle Key49Yellow Stained GlassWeather StickGrappling HookTuning ForkEnchanted Carrot on a StickMithril CoatVolta46
InfiniTorchβ„’Heavy Fallen Star HelmetYellow Stained GlassStorm the FishNope the FishCandy the FishFlying PigDust the FishShrimp the Fish
Magical Water BucketYellow Stained GlassMaxor the FishGoldor the FishBat the FishGift the FishExperiment the FishFlake the Fish
Ascension RopeAscension RopeAscension RopeLime Stained GlassPotato SpreadingPotato Spreadingnull9Fast Reaper ScytheEnchanted Book
Ascension RopeAscension RopeAscension RopeLime Stained GlassPotato SpreadingFarm CrystalDiamond ShovelRock Paper ShearsEnchanted Book
Ascension RopeAscension RopeAscension RopeLime Stained GlassSoul WhipSpooky CupcakeSpooky CupcakeEnchanted BookEnchanted Book
Ascension RopeAscension RopeLime Stained GlassLivid DaggerLeaping SwordGyrokinetic WandFour in a RowEnchanted Book
Golden Thorn HeadGolden Scarf HeadGolden Sadan HeadLime Stained GlassRefined Stonk⚚ Heroic Bonzo's Staff βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺTic Tac ToeGift CompassEnchanted Book
Emerald Armor HelmetEmerald Armor ChestplateEmerald Armor LeggingsEmerald Armor BootsCyan Stained GlassWise Goblin HelmetWise Goblin ChestplateWise Goblin LeggingsWise Goblin Boots
Fierce Mastiff CrownFierce Mastiff ChestplateFierce Mastiff LeggingsFierce Mastiff BootsCyan Stained GlassEmber Ash HelmetEmber Ash ChestplateEmber Ash LeggingsNecrotic Ember Ash Boots
Heavy Glacite HelmetHeavy Glacite ChestplateHeavy Glacite LeggingsHeavy Glacite BootsCyan Stained GlassReinforced Holy Dragon HelmetReinforced Holy Dragon ChestplateReinforced Holy Dragon LeggingsReinforced Holy Dragon Boots
Necrotic Diver's MaskLoving Diver's ShirtNecrotic Diver's TrunksNecrotic Diver's BootsCyan Stained GlassFierce Young Dragon HelmetFierce Young Dragon ChestplateFierce Young Dragon LeggingsFierce Young Dragon Boots
Pure Unstable Dragon HelmetPure Unstable Dragon ChestplatePure Unstable Dragon LeggingsPure Unstable Dragon BootsCyan Stained GlassNecrotic Wise Dragon HelmetLoving Wise Dragon ChestplateNecrotic Wise Dragon LeggingsNecrotic Wise Dragon Boots
Neon Blue Ender Dragon SkinRadiant Endermite SkinDark Wolf SkinMonochrome Elephant SkinGlow Squid SkinBlue Stained Glass
Mauve SkinAdmiral SkinSaber-Tooth Tiger SkinBaby Chick Chicken SkinIvory Black Cat SkinBlue Stained GlassCrystal Fragment14Fast Ghoul Buster
Onyx Black Cat SkinGorilla Monkey SkinGold Macaw Parrot SkinVampire Bat SkinSnow Tiger Ocelot SkinBlue Stained GlassCrystal Fragment64Horseman's Candle7Echolocator
Snow Tiger Ocelot SkinFrozen Blaze SkinFrozen Blaze SkinPurple Snubfin Dolphin SkinBlue Stained GlassCrystal Fragment13Pumpkin Launcher
Synthetic Heart17Electron Transmitter14FTX 307016Control Switch12Superlite Motor13Blue Stained GlassRobotron Reflector
Enchanted BookEtherwarp MergerEtherwarp MergerShiny ShardMathematical Hoe BlueprintPurple Stained GlassRefined Mineral64Soul String64
Enchanted BookTransmission TunerShiny ShardShiny ShardPurple Stained GlassRefined Mineral64Soul String6
Enchanted BookEnderman Cortex RewriterThe CakeTitanic Experience Bottle5Grand Experience Bottle45Purple Stained GlassRefined Mineral64
Enchanted BookAbsolute Ender Pearl2Rogue SwordFishing XP Boost III Splash PotionAntique RemediesArachne Fragment4Purple Stained GlassRefined Mineral3
Crystal Fragment3Flaming SwordFishing XP Boost II Splash PotionAntique RemediesVoodoo DollPurple Stained GlassWolf TalismanDark Queen's Soul Drop24
God PotionGod PotionGod PotionGod PotionGod PotionJasper CrystalMagenta Stained GlassRed Stained Glass Pane6
Accessory Enrichment SwapperAccessory Enrichment SwapperAccessory Enrichment SwapperAccessory Enrichment SwapperAccessory Enrichment SwapperMagenta Stained Glass
Green Jerry Box64Green Jerry Box19Blue Jerry Box41Purple Jerry Box25Magenta Stained Glass
Golden Jerry BoxGolden Jerry BoxGolden Jerry BoxGolden Jerry BoxGolden Jerry BoxGolden Jerry BoxGolden Jerry BoxMagenta Stained Glass
Bob-omb64Bob-omb38Sinful DiceSinful DiceLesser Orb of HealingLesser Orb of HealingLesser Orb of HealingMagenta Stained GlassLesser Orb of Healing
Spooky PieWitch MaskWitch MaskWitch MaskWitch MaskWitch MaskWitch MaskWitch MaskPink Stained Glass
Enderman MaskWitch MaskWitch MaskWitch MaskWitch MaskBat Person TalismanBat Person TalismanBat Person TalismanPink Stained Glass
Bat Person TalismanBat Person TalismanBat Person TalismanBat Person TalismanBat Person TalismanBat Person TalismanBat Person TalismanStereo PantsPink Stained Glass
Spooky CupcakeSpooky CupcakeSpooky CupcakeSpooky CupcakeSpooky CupcakeSpooky CupcakeSpooky CupcakeGhostly BootsPink Stained Glass
nullArrow SwapperJolly Pink RockMimic Fragment64Mimic Fragment17Pink Stained Glass
Demonic Mine Affinity TalismanDemonic Vaccine TalismanDemonic Scavenger TalismanDemonic Potato TalismanDemonic Handy Blood ChaliceDemonic Night Vision CharmDemonic Talisman of CoinsDemonic Fire TalismanDemonic Skeleton Talisman
Demonic Village Affinity TalismanDemonic Farming TalismanDemonic Blood God CrestDemonic Pocket Espresso MachineDemonic Dante TalismanDemonic King TalismanDemonic Green Crab Hat of CelebrationDemonic Lava TalismanDemonic Wood Affinity Talisman
Demonic Gravity TalismanDemonic Magnetic TalismanDemonic Piggy BankDemonic Soulflow PileDemonic Farmer OrbDemonic Wolf PawDemonic Emerald RingDemonic Jungle AmuletDemonic Healing Ring
Demonic New Year Cake BagDemonic Devour RingDemonic Frozen ChickenDemonic Day CrystalDemonic Eternal HoofDemonic Night CrystalDemonic Bat Person ArtifactDemonic Pig's FootDemonic Intimidation Artifact
Demonic Potion Affinity ArtifactDemonic Hunter RingDemonic Zombie ArtifactDemonic Haste RingDemonic Speed ArtifactDemonic Mineral TalismanDemonic Feather ArtifactDemonic Bits TalismanDemonic Sea Creature Artifact
Demonic Survivor CubeDemonic Fish Affinity TalismanDemonic Wolf RingDemonic Red Claw ArtifactDemonic Experience ArtifactDemonic Nether ArtifactDemonic Cheetah TalismanDemonic Spider ArtifactDemonic Seal of the Family
Demonic Tarantula TalismanDemonic Catacombs Expert RingDemonic Beastmaster CrestDemonic Personal Compactor 7000Demonic Campfire God BadgeDemonic Personal Deletor 7000Demonic Legendary Ring of LoveDemonic Treasure ArtifactDemonic Scarf's Grimoire
Demonic Reaper OrbDemonic Candy RelicDemonic Golden Jerry ArtifactDemonic Bat ArtifactDemonic Auto RecombobulatorDemonic Razor-sharp Shark Tooth Necklace
Dungeon VII PotionDungeon VII PotionDungeon VII PotionDungeon VII PotionDungeon VII PotionDungeon VII PotionDungeon VII PotionDungeon VII PotionDungeon VII Potion
Dungeon VII PotionDungeon VII PotionDungeon VI PotionDungeon VI PotionDungeon VI PotionDungeon VI PotionDungeon VI PotionDungeon VI PotionDungeon VI Potion
Dungeon VI PotionDungeon VI PotionDungeon VI Potion
Whale Bait48Whale Bait64Whale Bait64Whale Bait4
Flint Arrow10Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow59
Candied Bat Person HelmetGiant Mender Crown βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺNecrotic Wither Goggles βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺSubmerged Shark Scale HelmetLight Snow Suit Helmet ✦Smart Sorrow HelmetAncient Werewolf HelmetGreat Spook Helmet
Candied Bat Person Chestplate