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Ancient Diamond Livid Head βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺAncient Necron's Chestplate βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺAncient Necron's Leggings βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺAncient Necron's Boots βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺ


Dungeon OrbHasty Juju Shortbow βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺShaded Handy Blood ChaliceStrong Soulflow SupercellStrong Ender Relic
Wand of AtonementDungeon Chest Key3Shaded Pocket Espresso MachineStrong Beastmaster CrestStrong Artifact of Power
Arrow SwapperSuperboom TNT2Superior Dragon FragmentStrong Nether ArtifactShaded Jungle AmuletStrong Master Skull - Tier 7
Suspicious Scylla βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺStellar StonkSpirit Leap3Hasty Terminator βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺHeroic Aspect of the VoidHeroic Ice Spray Wand βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺPlasmaflux Power OrbSkyBlock Menu (Right Click)
Wither Cloak Sword βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺWithered Livid Dagger βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺWithered Emerald BladeWithered Thick Scorpion FoilSpicy Raider AxeFabled Axe of the Shredded βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺFabled Atomsplit KatanaFabled Daedalus AxeShadow Fury
Fast Ghoul BusterSpicy Hyper Cleaver βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺWithered Giant's Sword βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺSpicy Reaper ScytheFabled Daedalus AxeWithered Soul Whip βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺ
Rapid Explosive BowSpiritual Mosquito BowSpiritual Magma Bow⚚ Rapid Venom's TouchSpiritual Runaan's Bow βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺSouls ReboundJerry Candy30
Lucky Rod of the SeaShredderLucky Phantom Rod βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺ
Ink WandLucky Auger RodYeti RodHeroic Spirit Sceptre βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺHeroic Frozen Scythe βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺEmber RodSpider Queen's StingerWeird Tuba
Blessed Diamond HoeDiamond PickaxeRefined Diamond PickaxeGolden ShovelShearsSpiritual Bonemerang βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺFrosty the Snow BlasterAncestral Spade
Gift CompassDirty ShredderAncient Mithril CoatAncient Tarantula Helmet βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺMaddox BatphoneGrappling HookPioneer Pickaxe
EcholocatorGiant Mender Crown βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺ
Blessed Fungi Cutter
Pumpkin LauncherFallen Star HelmetBlessed Gauss Carrot HoeToil Treecapitator
Florid Zombie SwordSpiritual Bonemerang βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺGyrokinetic WandDefuse KitVoodoo DollJingle BellsDungeon OrbSummoning Ring
Heroic Silk-Edge SwordFabled Edible MaceRapid Last Breath⚚ Reinforced Bonzo's Mask βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺWise Spirit Boots βœͺβœͺβœͺ
Dungeon OrbHeroic Jerry-chine Gun βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺHeroic Bonzo's Staff βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺRogue SwordKismet Feather15Heroic End Stone Sword
Ancient Golden Professor Head βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺAncient Golden Sadan Head βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺAncient Golden Thorn Head βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺ
Dante TalismanDante TalismanDante TalismanDante TalismanDante TalismanDante TalismanDante TalismanDante TalismanHappy Mask
Combat Exp BoostCombat Exp BoostCombat Exp BoostCombat Exp Boost
Baby Chick Chicken SkinGlow Squid Skin
Ivory Black Cat SkinAquamarine Rabbit SkinShimmer SkinMonochrome Elephant SkinNew Year Cake
SaddleFlying PigReaper GemPastel Ender Dragon SkinNew Year CakeNew Year CakeNew Year CakeNew Year Cake
Shaded Honed Shark Tooth NecklaceShaded Raggedy Shark Tooth NecklaceShaded Sharp Shark Tooth NecklaceShaded Dull Shark Tooth NecklaceShaded Lucky HoofShaded Candy TalismanShaded Candy RingShaded Candy Artifact
Shaded Scarf's ThesisShaded Scarf's StudiesShaded Master Skull - Tier 4Shaded Master Skull - Tier 2Shaded Master Skull - Tier 1Shaded Master Skull - Tier 3
Shaded Personal Deletor 6000Shaded Personal Deletor 5000Shaded Personal Deletor 4000
Flake the Fish
Sheep AxeRabbit Axe
Shaded Potato TalismanBloody Fire TalismanShaded Vaccine TalismanBloody Dante TalismanBloody Red Crab Hat of CelebrationBloody Scavenger TalismanBloody Skeleton TalismanBloody King TalismanShaded Talisman of Coins
Shaded Farming TalismanShaded Village Affinity TalismanShaded Mine Affinity TalismanShaded Night Vision CharmShaded Blood God CrestShaded Lava TalismanShaded Piggy BankShaded Magnetic TalismanShaded Wolf Paw
Shaded New Year Cake BagShaded Healing RingShaded Emerald RingShaded Farmer OrbShaded Gravity TalismanShaded Wood Affinity TalismanStrange Survivor CubeStrange Hunter RingStrange Bat Person Artifact
Strange Sea Creature ArtifactStrange Frozen ChickenStrange Night CrystalStrange Day CrystalStrange Haste RingStrange Feather ArtifactStrange Pig's FootStrange Mineral TalismanStrange Bits Talisman
Strange Devour RingStrange Wolf RingStrange Zombie ArtifactStrange Fish Affinity TalismanStrange Potion Affinity ArtifactStrange Speed ArtifactStrange Eternal HoofStrange Intimidation ArtifactStrong Melody's Hair
Strong Cheetah TalismanStrong Experience ArtifactStrong Tarantula TalismanStrong Spider ArtifactStrong Spiked AtrocityStrong Seal of the FamilyStrong Catacombs Expert RingStrong Treasure ArtifactStrong Red Claw Artifact
Strong Personal Deletor 7000Strong Legendary Ring of LoveStrong Razor-sharp Shark Tooth NecklaceStrong Wither RelicStrong Golden Jerry ArtifactStrong Hegemony ArtifactStrong Campfire God BadgeStrong Auto RecombobulatorStrong Candy Relic
Strong Reaper OrbStrong Scarf's GrimoireStrong Bat ArtifactStrong Titanium Relic
Combat XP Boost III PotionCombat XP Boost III PotionCombat XP Boost III PotionCombat XP Boost III PotionCombat XP Boost III PotionArchery IV PotionArchery IV PotionDungeon VII PotionDungeon VII Potion
Dungeon VII PotionDungeon VII PotionDungeon VII PotionDungeon VII Potion
Whale Bait64Whale Bait64Whale Bait64Whale Bait64Whale Bait64Whale Bait64Whale Bait64Whale Bait64Whale Bait64
Whale Bait64Whale Bait64Whale Bait64Whale Bait64Whale Bait64Whale Bait64Whale Bait64Whale Bait64Whale Bait64
Whale Bait64Whale Bait64Whale Bait64Whale Bait13Spooky Bait54Fish Bait23Fish Bait64Fish Bait64Spooky Bait64
Carrot Bait64Fish Bait15Carrot Bait61
Icy Arrow53Icy Arrow64Explosive Arrow6Explosive Arrow64Flint Arrow15Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64
Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64
Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64
Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64Flint Arrow64
Submerged Shark Scale HelmetNecrotic Wither Goggles βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺAncient Diamond Necron Head βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺJaded Helmet Of DivanNecrotic Wise Dragon HelmetRenowned Superior Dragon Helmet βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺ ✦Renowned Sorrow Helmet
Submerged Shark Scale ChestplateAncient Storm's Chestplate βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺLoving Storm's Chestplate βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺJaded Chestplate Of DivanNecrotic Wise Dragon ChestplateRenowned Superior Dragon Chestplate βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺRenowned Sorrow Chestplate
Submerged Shark Scale LeggingsAncient Storm's Leggings βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺNecrotic Storm's Leggings βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺJaded Leggings Of DivanNecrotic Wise Dragon LeggingsRenowned Superior Dragon Leggings βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺRenowned Sorrow Leggings
Submerged Shark Scale BootsAncient Storm's Boots βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺNecrotic Storm's Boots βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺAncient Maxor's Boots βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺWise Rancher's BootsNecrotic Wise Dragon BootsRenowned Superior Dragon Boots βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺRenowned Sorrow Boots
Giant Reaper Mask βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺNecrotic Werewolf HelmetAncient Bat Person HelmetAncient Warden HelmetWise Young Dragon Helmet βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺAncient Crown of GreedTitanic Snow Suit HelmetTitanic Goblin Helmet
Giant Goldor's Chestplate βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺNecrotic Werewolf ChestplateAncient Bat Person ChestplateWise Young Dragon Chestplate βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺMythic Farm Suit ChestplateTitanic Snow Suit ChestplateTitanic Goblin Chestplate
Giant Goldor's Leggings βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺNecrotic Werewolf Leggings βœͺβœͺβœͺAncient Bat Person LeggingsWise Young Dragon Leggings βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺMythic Farm Suit LeggingsTitanic Snow Suit LeggingsTitanic Goblin Leggings
Giant Goldor's Boots βœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺβœͺFierce Werewolf BootsAncient Bat Person Boots