500: Internal server error

Please join the Discord server and report this issue.

File "main.py", line 630, in main_middleware resp = await handler(request) File "main.py", line 402, in profile_member profile_data = await skyblock.get_profile(username, profile_name) File "/home/runner/hypixel-skyblock-GOOD/skyblock.py", line 85, in get_profile r = await make_request( File "/home/runner/hypixel-skyblock-GOOD/skyblock.py", line 44, in make_request return await make_request(url, params) File "/home/runner/hypixel-skyblock-GOOD/skyblock.py", line 50, in make_request raise errors_dict.get(data['error'], errors.SkyBlockError) <class 'errors.InvalidUser'>: